• 10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム
  • 10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム
  • 10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム
  • 10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム
10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム

10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム


起源の場所: 中国
ブランド名: Fenigal/OEM
証明: CE/UL/NSF etc.
モデル番号: BWRO4-9


最小注文数量: 1セット
価格: Negotiable
パッケージの詳細: フィルムによって包まれる標準的な輸出木製の木枠/カートンまたは露出した
受渡し時間: 15~30日
支払条件: T/T、ウェスタン・ユニオン、Paypal等。
供給の能力: 1ヶ月あたりの50セット
ベストプライス 連絡先


技術: 塩気のある水逆浸透 浸透: 4~24LPM
供給TDS/ppm: <10> 水臨時雇用者。: 5~35˚C
PH: 4~9 TSS/mg/L: <5>
沈泥密度の索引: <3> 自由な塩素mg/L: 0
分解された鉄mg/L: <0> 材料: SS304/SS316Lの炭素鋼
電圧: 380V、415V、220Vは、カスタマイズすることができる 適用: 浄水、ろ過、pharmceutical、飲料水、食糧
機能: 浄化する水脱塩 制御: 、Manual/PLC電子
ROの膜: Hydranauticsかダウ、4040 ポンプ: CNP/Grundfos、CNP





9000GPD bwroの植物


10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム

TDS 10000PPM Highly Salty 1000LPH Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System 1500~9000GPD


Deal with raw water TDS range 2000 - 10000 ppm.

The capacity ranges from 250LPH to 500TPH.


1. The brackish water system can be used for the area where underground water in high salty and near sea. (Brackish feed water TDS between 2000ppm and 10000ppm)
2. Our RO water system adopt the USA DOW membrane and China high quality membrane housing , SUS316L pressure pump, SUS316 pipe and with suitable pretreatment. Our RO machine can remove more than 97% inorganic salt, heavy metal ion, organic matter, harmful bacteria etc. It can make the brackish water to be drinkable water which suitable for human consumption.
3. We can make the special and suitable brackish water system according to customers input water quality . To make the machine high efficient, long life span, and output water quality after our machine can reach to the WHO drinking water standard. The brackish water system can solve water problem which the area lack of water
4. As different place with different water quality, it is better that customers provide us the local water quality report so that we can give you the most suitable, economic machine and high efficient machine.


Brackish Water Treatment Plant Details


bwro-1000LPH Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water System
1. Capacity: 1000L/H
2. Rated power: 4.5KW/H
3. RO System Rack Size: 2450*970*1970mm
4. Desalting rate:>=97%
5. Water recovery rate: 40%
6. TDS of raw water: 2000-5000 PPM
7. TDS of pure water: ≤ 150 PPM
8. Voltage: 110V / 220V / 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz, single phase / 3phase


Process: Raw water pump ► Quartz sand filter ►Antiscale dosing system► Activated carbon filter ► Security filter ► High-pressure pump ► RO system + UV sterilizer+ water supply point


1. Quartz sand filter: use fiber glass as housing, fill quartz sand, it can filter big particles impurities, suspended substances, colloids etc. Important to remove iron and sediments you mentioned;^^

2. Activated carbon filter: use fiber glass as housing, fill activated carbon, remove color, odor, residual chlorine and organics substances;

3. Security filter: prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is 5µm;

4. RO system: can remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, virus, heat source etc. harmful substances and 99% dissolved salts.


There are several kinds of consumables you need to replace regularly.
a. Quartz sand: replaced about every 15 months. 50kg/bag
b. Activated carbon: replaced about every 15 months. 25kg/bag
c. PP Filter cartridge: replaced about every 1 month


1. Cosmetic industry, removal of the ions in the water, organic creature.
2. Food and beverage industrial water, drinking pure water, soft drink, beer, liquor, health care products, such as water purification and preparation of water
3. Textile, chemical industry process water/chemical preparation water circulating water, chemical products, such as purification and manufacturing
4. Can be used for bottled water, mineral water, etc filling water of making work
5. Electronic, biological and medical engineering( medical pure water).


10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム 0

10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム 1

10000PPM 9000GPD塩気のある水逆浸透システム 2

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